Meeting Date: January 12, 2001

Persons Attending: Shirley Anderson, Vickie Chamberlain, Dawn DeWolf, Chris German, Mariann Hyland, Abby Lee, Denise Martin, Bonnie Olson, Lisa Tomlin

Guests: Anne Key, Campus Contact Tillamook Bay CC


- Meeting Schedule  - Election Results 
- Approval of Minutes - Campus Contacts/National
- Presidents Leadership Style  - Summer Retreat 
- Newsletter - OILD
- Scholarships  - Evaluations from Fall 2000 Conference
- Treasurers Report - Other
Meeting Notes:
Meeting Schedule – All

Everyone shared their feelings regarding how often and where we meet. Meetings were scheduled for the first part of the year, the meetings for the second half of the year will be discussed at our summer board retreat.

The dates that were set are as follows: March 9 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at Linn-Benton C.C.;

May 11 10:00 am – 5:00 pm at Chemeketa C.C.; and July 14 or 21 for a board retreat to be held after the summer retreat. The board will have a meeting on Wednesday, November 14 at the Greenwood Inn.

Dates to remember: OILD is June 18 – 21, 2001; Summer Retreat will be either July 13 or July 20; 15th Annual Conference is November 15 & 16, 2001.

Approval of November 29, 2000 Minutes – Chris

Dawn motioned to approve the submitted meeting minutes. Lisa seconds the motion. The board approved the minutes.

President’s Leadership Style & Board Member Responsibilities – All

Shirley began discussion by informing the board of her leadership style and opening the floor for the board to share their feelings.

Her style is to trust that what you as a board member commit to will get done. She does not do follow-ups. When timelines are given, speak up if it cannot be met. Dawn stated that she likes that it is active and we participate-get involved. She hopes we feel comfortable enough to ask for assistance if we need it. Abby appreciates the time to talk about this and is willing to step in wherever needed. Vickie appreciates that the interim stuff gets done via e-mail. Denise said that she likes e-mail correspondence. Mariann has a love/hate relationship with e-mail. She tends not to respond unless there is a need. Lisa likes that things are happening via e-mail, which allows more time to have productive meetings. She appreciates that there is not micromanaging and there is a level of trust. Chris agreed with what everyone stated and likes that we are involved and participate and that everyone is there to pitch in where needed.

Shirley said that our greatest challenge as women is asking for help, but we need to. She concluded that she wants this discussion topic to be a consistent agenda item.

Spring/Fall 2001 Newsletters – Chris

The timelines and article submissions that Chris e-mail the board were reviewed. The board members took on assignments for both newsletters. Abby has agreed to step in and take over the fall newsletter with assistance from the board while Chris is on family leave.

Vickie asked if the community college board members and president’s received the newsletter. Chris said that the distribution list comes from JoyLynn, which she believes to be the membership list. It was agreed by the board that the VP of Communications will be responsible for contacting OCCA to get the updated mailing labels for the community college board members and president’s so that they are receiving the newsletter.

Chris will e-mail the board and campus contacts the timelines for the spring and fall 2001 newsletters. She will also e-mail the board assignments for both newsletters.

The spring 2001 newsletter will be distributed to membership, community college board members and president’s, and campus contacts the week of April 2, 2001. The fall 2001 newsletter will be distributed the week of September 30, 2001.


Chris asked which board members took a box (or boxes) of t-shirts after the fall conference. Dawn has a box, which she is returning. Lisa has one, Vickie has one, Julie has one, which she will be giving to Denise, Chris has a box, Bonnie has 11 t-shirts, Mariann has a box and Shirley has two boxes. Chris will follow up with JoyLynn and Marcia to see if they have picked up boxes.

JoyLynn has one box.

Scholarships – All

Discussion around scholarships took place. Vickie proposed to open up scholarships to the three colleges who have not sent women to OILD. If those colleges do not use them, do they remain open to others? Shirley said that the scholarships should be offered to the three colleges first, and if they are declined the scholarships should then be offered to the alternates. Lisa recommended having a scholarship application process (form) that we use for every event we sponsor—OILD, summer retreat, annual conference—so that we can use the money that is available towards scholarships. Both Shirley and Lisa recommended a subcommittee be created to discuss scholarships and the process that could be brought back to our March 9 meeting. Denise and Lisa will be on that committee.

Shirley asked if a letter should go to the presidents regarding the scholarships. Vickie said that we should be building a strong relationship with the campus contacts on our campuses to help promote and support AAWCC. Vickie said that she is willing to talk with the president’s regarding women who are wanting to take advantage of these opportunities. The board will let the campus contacts know that there is money available for these opportunities. Lisa recommended letting the people in charge of staff development on campuses know of these opportunities. Shirley asked Vickie to contact Bert to bring up OILD participation at a Presidents Council Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Denise

Denise reported that the budget as of January 4, 2001. She reviewed the conference budget with the board. She needs to get budgets from Vickie for the 2001 conference, from Miriam for OILD 2001, from Lisa for the Summer Retreat 2001, from Chris for the 2001 newsletters, and from JoyLynn for membership. She will e-mail reminders to everyone to submit the budgets.

Election Results – Dawn

Dawn announced the results of the elections held at the conference. Denise Martin is the new VP of Finance, Vickie Chamberlain is the new VP of Professional Development, Lisa Tomlin is the new VP of Special Projects, and Abby Lee is the new Member-at-Large. The members that are remaining on the board are Shirley Anderson, President, Dawn DeWolf, President-Elect, Marcia Keith, Past President, JoyLynn Woodard, VP of Membership, Chris German, VP of Communication, Mariann Hyland, Member-at-Large, Bonnie Olson, Member-at-Large, Rebecca Kenney, Ex-Officio, and Mary Spilde, Ex-Officio.

Campus Contacts/National – Dawn

Campus Contacts

Dawn explained board members liaison role and the need to select three campus contacts. Dawn passed the list around to the board to be given back to her at the end of the meeting. Dawn also handed out the campus contact list, which is an ever-changing document.


Dawn reported that there are 52 state members. No community college has 10 members. Portland, Lane, Clackamas, and Rogue have national recognition but do not have 10 members. Dawn will notify the campus contacts.

Summer Retreat – Lisa

Lisa reported on an idea of topics for the Summer Retreat. She suggested that Monza and Sharon do a presentation together or have them do individual sessions. Monza could do something with poetry writing and Sharon could present Powerful Non-Defensive Communication.

The location of this year’s summer retreat will be Umpqua Community College. Possible dates are July 13 or July 20.

Lisa asked for an amount to offer Sharon and Monza.

Lisa will communicate with the board via e-mail regarding registration amount, marketing, confirming date, and what to offer the speakers.

OILD – Lisa

Lisa reported that she and Mary had a meeting to discuss OILD. They are keeping the format the same and increasing the cost by $75.00. The dates for OILD 2001 are June 18 – 21. Per the board’s request, Mary and Lisa reviewed the involvement of the board in OILD. In lieu of the board attending the majority of the Institute, Mary and Lisa have asked the board to attend the reception only. In addition, they have requested the board president to register and participate in the entire Institute.

Denise commented on how she has never been. The Board agreed that Denise would be this year’s board member to attend OILD.

Evaluations from Fall Conference 2000 – Vickie

Vickie handed out the summaries of the fall conference evaluations. Overall the conference was a success!

Other – All

Letter to Presidents – Shirley

Shirley passed out a copy of the "thank you" letter that was sent to the President’s regarding the success of the conference.

Website Posting – Dawn

Dawn has had a question from Karen Nelson at OCCA (she is replacing Candace Norwood) regarding a request received by Karen from Michigan to advertise their Connections conference on our AAWCC website. Vickie stated that if it was profit why should we? if it’s non-profit we should advertise it. Lisa agreed with Vickie and added that she would like to know their financial. Dawn will follow up and report back via e-mail.

FTE – Vickie

Due to time constraints, FTE will be discussed at our next meeting. Vickie will have a draft for review.

By-Laws – Shirley

Due to time constraints, Shirley passed out copies of the by-laws for the board to review and prepare for discussion at our next meeting. Any proposed changes need to be submitted in the fall 2001 newsletter for membership to vote on at the conference in November.


Mariann moved to adjourn the meeting. Abby seconds the motion. Board approved.

Assignment List:

Spring/Fall 2001 Timelines to Board & Campus Contacts – Chris via e-mail

Assignments for Newsletters to Board – Chris via e-mail

Who has boxes of t-shirts – Chris via e-mail

Scholarship Process/Form – Denise & Lisa bring back to March 9 meeting

OILD Participation – Contact Bert – Vickie

Budgets from Vickie, Miriam, Lisa, Chris, and JoyLynn – Denise via e-mail

Summer Retreat Marketing, Costs, etc. – Lisa via e-mail

Contact Campus Contacts regarding National Membership - Dawn

Website Posting – Dawn via e-mail

FTE draft – Vickie bring back to March 9 meeting

Review by-laws – All Board Members by March 9 meeting

Next Meeting: March 9, 2001, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Linn-Benton Community College

Carry Over Agenda Items:

Local Chapter Grants – Shirley
Scholarships – All
OILD – Lisa
Planning for fall 2001 Conference – Vickie
Outreach Activities – All
Identification of by-laws needing change – All
Archivist—Member-at-Large Volunteer – All
Membership – JoyLynn
Lapel Pins – JoyLynn
FTE Proposal – Vickie
Board Article for AAWCC Quarterly – All