Meeting Date: March 9, 2001

Persons Attending: Shirley Anderson, Vickie Chamberlain, Dawn DeWolf, Chris German, Mariann Hyland, Marcia Keith, Denise Martin, Lisa Tomlin, and JoyLynn Woodard

Guests: Ann Smart, Linn-Benton C.C.


- Written Communication to the Board  - Approval of Minutes
- Treasurer’s Report - Campus Contacts
- National / Local Chapter Grant Concerns - Scholarship Proposal
- OILD - Fall Conference
- Membership - Summer Conference
- ByLaws Needing Change - Other

Meeting Notes:
Sharing – All
Written Communication to the Board – Shirley
  1. Shirley read and passed around a card from Patricia McPeters-Gans regarding receiving a scholarship from the board. She sent the board a $20 check to go towards future scholarhips.
  2. The board received a thank you card from Mary Spilde thanking the board for the support and plant sent to her by the board upon her recent promotion to President of Lane C.C.
  3. Shirley passed out the article she submitted to the National Quarterly. She asked the board to think about routinely what we would like to submit. Vickie mentioned the work Dawn did on becoming a Chapter and outreach work. Shirley asked who’s job should it be to put the information together so that when we look at the bylaws we can add this to a position’s description. Vickie suggested that this be a member-at-large position. Discussion took place around this topic. Dawn would still like to work with National and improving communication. Dawn thinks that it should be in the bylaws. Mariann would like it more defined. Shirley recommended that the President-Elect position be a liaison to the member-at-large who takes on this responsibility.
Approval of January 12 Minutes – Chris
  1. Chris asked for more clarification regarding the t-shirts and how we will monitor the inventory. Shirley recommended taking inventory. Mariann volunteered to keep records of our t-shirt inventory. Board members should count the number of t-shirts and the sizes they have and e-mail the information to Mariann.
  2. Dawn moved to accept the minutes as presented. Vickie seconds the motion. The Board approved the minutes.
Newsletter – Chris
  1. Chris reviewed the timelines for the newsletter with the board as well as questions and concerns that have arisen. The board agreed to have 1370 newsletters printed. Chris will research the cost of printing the newsletter.
  2. Vickie recommended to change printing from booklet form to stapled in one corner, folded and add bulk mailing page which would reduce the cost of printing, purchasing envelopes, and mailing rates. The board agreed to the new format.
  3. Lisa asked that Dawn gather feedback from the campus contacts regarding the newsletter format, the quantities they receive and whether or not they prefer hard copies or electronic copies.
Treasurer’s Report – Denise
  1. Denise reviewed the budget. The balance as of February 28, 2001 is $6,347.10. Vickie is comfortable with the conference budget as proposed.
  2. Denise reported that she received a letter from Key Bank about a possible fee being charged for using their bank. She will research this further with Key Bank and provide her findings to the board via e-mail.
  3. Denise asked if we want to transfer some of the balance to a CD. She will check with Julie regarding what has been practice in the past and will e-mail the board.
  4. Denise asked about listing out the years on the balance sheet. Lisa recommended keeping five (5) years worth of history as the board changes. She also recommended breaking out the summer retreat. Shirley recommends to decide after this year’s summer retreat.
  5. Lisa moves to accept the budget as is but to make amendments as needed when we review membership. JoyLynn seconds the motion. The board approved the treasurer’s report.
Campus Contacts/National – Dawn
  1. Dawn reported that Anne Key has left Tillamook Bay. She will check with Anne regarding a new campus contact and will provide that information to the board.
  2. Chris asked for clarification for the newsletter on the acroynm for the Department of Community Colleges & Workforce Development. Vickie said that they go by CCWD.
  3. Dawn contacted the campus contacts at the colleges who have national chapter recoginition who do not have ten members. Those colleges are Portland, Lane, Clackamas, and Rogue.
Local Chapter Grant Concerns
  1. Shirley thought that the purpose in grants was to help fund the start of chapters and to help support chapter activities. Shirley would like the board to think about what our goals are for funding grants. Vickie recommended coming up with standards for the board to follow.
  2. The Executive Committee (Denise, Marcia, Dawn and Shirley) will look at this issue and input should be given to them by the board. Dawn said that we as a State do not have a defined definition of what a chapter is. Shirley said that the Executive Committee will work on this and get information out to the board. Lisa recommended that there be a structure to the committee.
Scholarship – Denise & Lisa
  1. This will be discussed at our next meeting.
OILD/Bert Glanden Conversation – Vickie/Lisa
  1. Vickie will contact Wes Channel at Klamath regarding participant at OILD. Shirley suggests that we give the President’s deadlines so that we can begin filling seats with alternates. Vickie recommended contacting and working with campus contacts to let them know that their school has a seat for a member from their school to attend OILD. Lisa asked if there is someone within the colleges that do not send women to OILD that we can connect with to let them know about OILD and to help find someone from their school to attend.
  2. Since future board president’s college may not have the funding to pay for them to attend OILD, Shirley recommended we look at planning for this expenditure as we prepare the annual budget.
Fall Conference – Vickie
  1. Vickie handed out preliminary information regarding conference format and topics. She asked if we should be starting the Board reception later in the evening to accommodate for those who arrive late. The Board agreed to start later. OILD/NILD reception will continue.
  2. Vickie asked for suggestions regarding topics and ideas for the conference. Marcia would like to see topics on osteoporosis rather than menopause, aging parents and safety. Vickie needs ideas and thoughts regarding a kickoff speaker and any other thoughts and suggestions the board may have after reviewing the information handed out. E-mail your thoughts to Vickie.
  3. Dawn asked the question about inviting the President’s to the conference. Discussion regarding the pro’s and con’s took place. The board agreed to have further discussions at the retreat regarding sponsoring an event that happened around the time the Presidents Council meets.
Membership – JoyLynn
  1. JoyLynn began discussion by asking who do we want our memberhsip to be? recruitment possibilities? and increase dues? Discussion took place regarding membership. Dawn recommended keeping individual membership and that we define what is a chapter. Futher discussion around membership will take place at the retreat to define what is a chapter and defining what membership should be.
Lapel Pins
  1. JoyLynn researched the cost of the lapel pins. For a minimum order of 300 pins, there is a $60 set up fee and $510 for 300 pins. The board agreed to hold off ordering pins until we discuss what we are going to do with membership. This discussion will take place in July at the retreat.
Summer Conference – Lisa
  1. Lisa reported to the board that we need 20 participants to break even. Everything is going fine. Sharon is booked and looking forward to it. Monza is unable to present as she has a prior commitment.
  2. Shirley will contact Berta Dargen regarding possible locations to have the board retreat which will take place after the summer retreat.
FTE – Vickie
  1. Discussion regarding an FTE statement took place. AAWCC will provide a course outline to the college’s who host the summer retreat. It will be up to the individual college to collect FTE following the FTE guidelines. Shirley moved to accept the statement. Dawn seconds the motion. Board approved the FTE statement.
ByLaw Changes - All
  1. Shirley asked that their be a subcommittee to discuss bylaw changes. Lisa recommended that Vickie and Mariann be a part of that subcommittee. Subcommittee members will be Mariann (chair), Lisa, and Vickie barring that Vickie is available at the time the committee meets.
  2. The board members will provide feedback regarding changes to Mariann by April 30. The subcommittee will report the changes for discussion at the July retreat. Shirley reminded the board that the changes must be reported in the Fall newsletter.
Other - All
  1. Lisa brought up discussion regarding the board paying for lunches and dinners. She would like to see those who have the ability to have their college pay for their meals, do so rather than the board paying for it. Shirley recommended that individuals let Denise know if they should be invoiced for meals so they can submit the bills to their college to reimburse the board’s account.
  2. Lisa recommended that Shirley put time limits on the agenda items for the retreat when she sends the agenda out to everyone so that we can negotiate for time and make sure we allow enough time to cover these issues.
  3. Website updates are being sent to Karen Nelson at OCCA. Lisa will arrange a meeting to discuss how information should be submitted to Karen for posting on the website. She will report back to the board via e-mail after her meeting.

Adjourned: Dawn moved to adjourn the meeting, Vickie seconds the motion. Board agreed.

Assignment List:

T-shirt quantities & sizes to Mariann ~ All Board Members
Printing costs of newsletter ~ Chris
Feedback regarding newsletter from Campus Contacts ~ Dawn
Key Bank Fees ~ Denise
CD purchase ~ Denise
Campus Contact for Tillamook ~ Dawn
Feedback regarding grants to executive committee ~ All Board Members
Wes Channel Conversation ~ Vickie
Conference Kickoff Speaker Names and breakout topics e-mailed to Vickie ~ All Board Members
Retreat Location ~ Shirley
Bylaw changes to Mariann by April 30 ~ All Board Members
Website meeting follow up via e-mail to the board ~ Lisa
Next Meeting: May 18, 2001 at Chemeketa C.C. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Scholarship Proposal – Lisa & Denise

Archivist Volunteer (Member-at-Large position) – All

RETREAT Agenda Items:

Plan an AAWCC sponsored activity with the President’s in October in lieu of inviting them to the Fall Conference

Plan how to educate community colleges regarding what AAWCC is

Membership: Who is a member? Institutional Membership? Have or not have? Lapel Pins? Annual Conference Registration Fee

Outreach: Presidents-What information and what message do we want them to have about AAWCC