October 12, 2001

Persons Attending: Shirley Anderson, Vickie Chamberlain, Dawn DeWolf, Chris German, Rebecca Kenney, Marcia Keith, Abby Lee, Denise Martin, Bonnie Olson, Lisa Tomlin, JoyLynn Woodard

Guests: Maureen McGlynn, Campus Contact Chemeketa C.C.


- Introductions & General Info - Recruitment for Board Positions
- Minutes Approval - Update on Contact for New Presidents
- Newsletter - Spring Reception with Presidents
- Treasurer’s Report - Chapter Grants
- Bylaws - Silent Auction
- Fall Conference - OILD Report
- Membership - Summer Retreat Report
  - Other

Meeting Notes:

Introductions & General Information – All

The meeting began with introductions and sharing of what people have been up to over the summer.

Minutes Approval – Chris

The May 18 minutes had minor changes to be made. Dawn moved to approve the amended May 18 minutes. Lisa seconds the motion. The Board approved the amended May 18 minutes. Chris will make the changes and send out to campus contacts and board members.

Newsletter – All

Shirley thanked Chris for all of the pre-work she did on the fall newsletter and thanked Abby for compiling and creating the newsletter. Chris also thanked Abby for her work on the newsletter in her absence. Abby thanked everyone for their help.

Treasurer’s Report – Denise

Denise reviewed the treasurer’s report with the Board. As of September 30, 2001 there is $8,259.93 in the budget. This includes money in the CD. She also reported that she has sent a budget report to National.

Dawn moved to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. Vickie seconded the motion. The Board approved the treasurer’s report.

Bylaws – All

Membership Section

Vickie made the changes based on e-mail discussions regarding the membership terms. Lisa moved to accept the wording in the bylaws for membership. Marcia seconds the motion. The board approved the new wording.

Vickie will send an electronic copy of the bylaws to Chris so she can forward them to Karen to be posted on the web. Chris will also send a reminder to the campus contacts regarding the bylaws on the web. Shirley will be the contact person should anyone have questions regarding the proposed bylaw changes.

Lisa recommended adding a reminder to the registration confirmation to review the bylaws as they will be voted on during the conference.

Fall Conference – Vickie

Vickie reported on how the conference is coming together. She has met with the Greenwood Inn regarding the menu. She’s requested continuous coffee this year throughout the conference.

She also reported that Cam has had to cancel her breakout session. She is presenting to the E-board. Rebecca asked Vickie if she needed a replacement for Cam. Vickie will let Rebecca know.

The Board discussed possible dates and location for the 2002 fall conference. They decided on the Greenwood Inn for location and November 14 & 15 as the dates. Vickie will check and confirm with the Greenwood Inn.

Vickie asked the Board if presenters have to pay for their registration. The Board agreed that they do have to pay as this pattern follows the majority of other conferences. She also asked if we should offer half (1/2) day rates. After much discussion, the Board approved to offer half-day rates at this years conference. It will be $100 for Thursday and $75 for Friday. The Board agreed to try this for one year based on feedback received from members at last year’s conference.

Bonnie needs volunteers for the registration table. Dawn will ask for volunteers for all sessions and registration.

Denise gave Bonnie deposit slips for checks received for registration of the conference.

Mugs and t-shirts will be given to keynote speakers.

Rebecca will be responsible for putting registration packets together. Chris will send template of logo to Rebecca so more stickers can be made for the folders. She will also order more folders. Mt. Hood will also be responsible for all printing for the conference packets. An invoice will be sent to AAWCC for payment.

Chris will get registration names from Bonnie to do the certificates. She will give the certificates to Shirley to sign in advance.

Marcia reported that she would be getting a new banner with the new logo on it for the conference.

Membership – JoyLynn

Membership Pins

JoyLynn reported that it would take eight (8) weeks to get pins. It was decided that we would add this to the next agenda since it is too late to purchase for this year’s conference.

Recruitment for Board Positions – Dawn

Dawn reported on position and people who are interested in running. The board discussed nominations.

Dawn distributed a copy of the article she submitted to the NILD newsletter regarding the changes in Oregon.

Update on Contacts with New College Presidents – Shirley

Shirley reported that the board members are making contacts with the new presidents and informing them of what AAWCC is. Rebecca and JoyLynn asked that Shirley be involved with the presentation to Mt. Hood’s new President. Lisa reported that she and Chris are planning a lunch with Clackamas’ new president, which will include the college’s campus contact, and other AAWCC supporters. Shirley has been communicating via e-mail with Frank Toda (Columbia Gorge C.C.) and his assistant. PCC local leadership and Shirley will meet with Jess Carreon on October 22.

Spring Reception – Shirley/Dawn

Shirley reported that Andrea Henderson of OCCA recommended we look at the spring for an AAWCC sponsored reception for the Presidents. This item will be discussed at our board meeting in 2002 with the new board members. A task force will be assigned at that time to prepare for the reception and decision made as to what the Board wants to present to them.

Chapter Grants – All

Denise and Marcia reported that the money for chapter grants this year has been given out.

The Board agreed that the requestors do not have to be an AAWCC chapter to receive grant money, however, the event sponsored by the requestors must state that the event is co-sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of AAWCC.

The chapter grant form needs to be changed to include Shirley’s information instead of Marcia’s.

Silent Auction - Denise

Denise will be meeting with Lisa regarding the process for the silent auction at the conference. She encouraged board members to donate items as well as encouraging their campus to donate items to the auction. The proceeds will go towards AAWCC scholarships.

OILD - Lisa

Lisa reported that OILD 2001 was successful. Abby & Denise will be in charge of the entertainment for the Leaders Reception, which will be June 18, 2002.

Discussion regarding invitations to the Leaders reception took place. Denise is interested in assisting with getting the invitations out for the 2002 reception and will contact Miriam to see what she can do to assist.

Summer Retreat - Lisa

Lisa reported that the 2001 summer retreat "Powerful Non-Defensive Communication, Taking the War Out of Our Words" was a success at Umpqua Community College. The board discussed issues regarding women who attended who had to take vacation time to attend the retreat and those who were denied to attend.

Lisa announced that Linda Moore is interested in doing the summer retreat in 2002. It will be entitled "Women Against Women" sponsored by Oregon Coast Community College. It will be held in Newport on June 21, 2002.

Other - All

Budget Committee - Shirley

The budget committee (Marcia, Shirley, Dawn, and Denise) will discuss via e-mail a proposed budget for the next year. They will look at funding the following:

Two (2) Scholarships for OILD – One for a Board Member; One for the President

Scholarships for the Summer Retreat and Annual Conference

Board Retreat

Board Travel Expenses

Chapter Grants

Reception for the Presidents

Scholarship Update - Denise

Denise updated the board regarding scholarships received for the annual conference. At the time of the meeting, three have been requested. Lisa and Denise will meet to award the scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded on October 26.

Tentative Meeting for New Board/Transition - All

February 1, 2002 is the date the board has tentatively set for the first board meeting/transition of board members for 2002.

Assignment List:

Vickie – Send Chris Bylaws

Chris – E-mail Bylaws to Karen and remind Campus Contacts

Vickie – Confirm conference 2002 dates at Greenwood Inn

Dawn – Volunteers for Conference

Rebecca – AAWCC registration packets assembly & printing

Chris – Send logo to Rebecca, print certificates, and give certificates to Shirley

Bonnie – Send registration names to Chris

Marcia – New banner

Marcia/Shirley – Change Chapter Grant form

Budget Committee – E-mail regarding 2002 Budget

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 12:00 – 4:00 pm, Greenwood Inn

Future Agenda Items:

Membership Pins

Spring Reception for the Presidents

Challenges/Issues Related to Women who are unable to attend AAWCC Sponsored Events