Meeting Date: November 16, 2001

Persons Attending: Shirley Anderson, Vickie Chamberlain, Dawn DeWolf, Chris German, Marcia Keith, Rebecca Kenney, Abby Lee, Denise Martin, Bonnie Olson, Lisa Tomlin, JoyLynn Woodard, Anne Key, Linda Reisser, Ann Smart and Jan Woodcock

Guests: Sue Quast, Chapter President, Portland Community College

Agenda: Debrief Conference

Meeting Notes:

Agenda: Debrief Conference

Meeting Notes:

Debrief Conference

1. Everyone debriefed the events of the conference. Everyone agreed that it was successful. Shirley and Linda took notes regarding the changes and improvements for next year's conference.

2. Dawn informed the new Members-at-Large, Anne Key, Ann Smart and Jan Woodcock regarding the by-law changes and that members-at-large now have specific tasks. Anne Key agreed to be the minutes taker, Ann Smart agreed to do the registration for the conferences, and Jan Woodcock agreed to be the archivist.

3. The election results are as follows: Lisa Tomlin elected as President Elect; Abby Lee elected as VP of Communications; Chris German elected as VP of Membership; and Ann Smart and Jan Woodcock elected as Members-at-large. As a result of the current election Lisa's position as VP of Special Projects is vacated as is Abby's position of Member-at-Large. The board appointed Bonnie Olson to assume the position of VP of Special Projects for the duration of the term and appointed Anne Key to assume the position of Member-at-Large for the duration of the term. Vickie announced that she was resigning as VP of Professional Development. The board appointed Linda Reisser to assume the position of VP of Professional Development for the duration of the term.

4. The new board is listed as follows: Dawn DeWolf, President; Shirley Anderson, Past President; Lisa Tomlin, President Elect; Denise Martin, VP of Finance; Linda Reisser, VP of the Annual Conference; Abby Lee, VP of Communications; Chris German, VP of Membership; Bonnie Olson, VP of Special Projects; Ann Smart, Member-at-Large Registration; Jan Woodcock, Member-at-Large Archivist; and Anne Key, Member-at-Large Secretary.

Next Meeting: Friday, February 1, 2002 in Salem. The location and agenda will be announced later.