Meeting Date: February 1, 2002

Persons Attending: Shirley Anderson, Vicki Chamberlain, Dawn DeWolf, Chris German, Anne R Key, Abby Lee, Denise Martin, Bonnie Olson, Linda Riesser, Ann Smart, Jan Woodcock

Agenda: See attached

Approval of Minutes: Chris

Minutes of November 14th meeting approved as amended by Chris.
Minutes of November 16th meeting approved as amended by Chris
Motion: Bonnie, Second: Ann, In favor: All present

Treasurers Report: Denise

Budget: After receivables are collected, Denise projects the checking balance to be $17,110. Denise suggests that $8,000 or $9,000 be put in a 6month CD. Ann suggested looking at money-market account. Denise will research the amount to invest and the best options. She will email suggestions, and the board will vote by email. Budget Report Approved: Motion: Shirley, Second: Dawn, In favor: All present

Newsletter: Chris and Abby

On February 4th, Abby will begin collecting items for the newsletter. On February 18th, all submissions are due to Abby.

Responsibilities for the newsletter:
Presidents Corner: Dawn
NILD promotion: Lisa
Race for the Cure: Shirley
Summer Retreat and Registration: Bonnie
2002 OILD: Lisa and Miriam
Test 2001 OILD Highlights: Denise
Fall Conference Info: Linda
2001 Conference Highlights: Vicki
Carolyn Desjardins award: Shirley
Community College Excellence Award: Dawn
Campus Contacts: Abby
Board Member Information: Abby
Box about national website
connect to web page with information for campus contacts

Fall Conference:

The group brainstormed ideas for next conference. Email Linda R with any ideas for presenters and presentations. We discussed using the format from the 2000 conference with the three tracks. The group brainstormed key-note possibilities.

Calendar Dates for Board Meetings:

April 5th 1-6pm: Portland
July 19th 10 4: Salem
October 4th 10 4: Greenwood in Portland
November 13th: 12-4 Greenwood in Portland

Calendar Dates for Events:

June 17 20: OILD
June 18: Summer Retreat
November 14-15 AAWCC Annual Conference


Waiting for information from Lisa and Miriam. One AAWCC board member to attend.

Summer Retreat:

Place: Inn at Otter Crest. Theme: Women against women. Presenter: Linda Moore. Bonnie will work on costing.

Meeting with New Presidents:

Tabled until next meeting.


The group discussed the membership issues. Chris is going to work on a system to bill for membership dues. Vicki said that each member who joins is a member until December 31st of that next year (i.e. if someone joins June 2002, they will be a member until December 31st 2003). She also suggested that we discuss institutional memberships. Chris showed us membership pins. The board will re-visit the pin idea

Web Page:

We need help. Dawn suggested calling Angela McMahonshe expressed interest in helping.

Connection with National:

Dawn will invite Mary Spilde to come and talk about strengthening this connection.


The board discussed ways to archive. Vicki suggested putting each year in a notebook. Suggested contents would be financial information, minutes, agendas, by-laws, newsletter, conference information and a scrapbook type of thing. Bonnie will give hard copies of registration to Denise. Vicki passed out By-laws and Campus Contact list.

For Next Meeting:

Members suggested having a discussion about different ways to include retired and past members maybe a special price for students for the annual conference? Or maybe written invitation to Thursday night salon? Vicki said goodbye, after 6 years. BUT, she will be available for help.

Dawn adjourned the meeting.