Meeting Date: April 5, 2002

In attendance: Dawn DeWolf, Jan Woodcock, Chris German, Linda Riesser, Bonnie Olson, Denise Martin, Lisa Tomlin, Anne Key, Ann Smart, Abby Lee, Leslie Riester, Angela McMahon

Agenda: see attached

Approval of Minutes: Anne

Minutes of February 1st, 2002 meeting approved.

Treasurers Report and Budget Discussion: Denise

See attached. Denise walked us through the budget. She talked to Key Bank, and we are going to put $10,000 in a money-market account and keep $2000 in checking. If our money market account goes under $5000, we will be charged $10 per month, so Denise will keep our money in the money market account as long as we keep over $5000 in the account.
Motion: I recommend that we open a money market account for $10,000 and keep the rest in a checking account.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

OILD Scholarships:

OILD is concerned that some schools may not be able to afford to send representatives to the conference. They are hoping to have 5 scholarships per year (that includes the 1 scholarship for the AAWCC board member). Denise discussed about funding the scholarships. Everyone discussed that resources are becoming tighter in all colleges. Mary Spilde to talk with CC Presidents about scholarships. We discussed Lisas idea of a lottery for empty places at OILD. We discussed 5 slots from PCC, to include all campuses and the Open Campus.
Motion: Move that we raise the number of scholarships to OILD from 1 to 5.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Rainy Day fund:

Dawn suggested having a rainy day fund of $3000. Denise talked about having the cash in the money market, cash in checking, and then a rainy day balance that would not be touched.
Motion: Motion for Denise to put a reserve line in the balance sheet of $3000 for a rainy day fund.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Local Chapter Start-up Grants for AAWCC activities:

Dawn suggested that we increase the line item for grants from $450 to $600. Dawn suggested that we give out 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring of every year. Motion: Increase Local Chapter Start-up Grants from $450 to $600. The scholarship applications will appear in the fall and spring newsletter. Two $150 scholarships will be given in the fall and 2 in the spring.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Summer Scholarships:

Motion: Put $300 in the budget for Summer Conference scholarships. Scholarships can be used to pay for room, food, mileage, or registration, or any combination of these items.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Web Page: Angela McMahon

See attached. Angela works on web pages for non-profit groups. She talked about AAWCC having their own domain and gave suggests for domain names. She included pricing for the domain registration. Lisa suggested making an ex-officio position for a webmaster. We chose www.aawccoregon.org as our domain name. We discussed parameters of Angelas work. We discussed what would go on the webpage.

We formed an ad-hoc committee to work on the parameters of the web page. Members: Abby (chair), Jan, Dawn, Anne, and Angela.

Motion: I would like to move that we ask Angela McMahon to be our webmaster and to use Hevanet as our ISP, and add $400 to a budget line-item to pay for the cost.

Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.
Motion: We will move the website from its present place on the OCCA site to the new domain.
Motion made, seconded, and approved unanimously.
Appointment: Angela McMahon is appointed as webmaster.

Conference: Linda

See attached. Linda passed out a draft for the 2002 Fall Conference. Lindas plan is to have 3 tracks (Career, Pers. Growth, Mind/Spirit), and have 2 break-outs for each track.

We discussed ideas for break-out groups. Linda proposed moving the campus contact from a dinner to a breakfast. Also, Linda suggested putting names of OILD and NILD on the back of the conference brochure.

OILD: Lisa and Miriam

See discussion in treasurers report.

Newsletter: Abby

Accolades to Chris for making edits on the newsletter. Abby will include the call for presenters and the bios of new board members. We discussed about getting information from the campus contacts. We wont include highlights from the last conference. Abby will go to print next Monday. Because of PCC travel considerations, it would be good to have the newsletter out the week of September 24th, or at the latest the first week of October.

Summer Retreat: Bonnie

See attached. Bonnie thinks well have 40 for the retreat. We discussed food and decided on the Market Deli buffet. Lisa asked to include a green salad. Dawn suggested not having a board meeting during the summer retreat.

Membership: Chris

She has the database updated. Total of 222 members. Chris discussed the relationship between registration and membership. Chris discussed what to do concerning alerting people to the fact that their memberships are ending. Jan suggested that we send out an email register now for the fall conference type of thing and include that if they are not attending the fall conference, they can send in their $15 to renew their membership. Leslie added that PCC needs to have their travel authorizations in a month ahead of time, so the timing of the mailing is very important. Also consider the timing of the fall newsletter. Leslie described a software program called Email Merge that helps with sending out reminders. Chris suggested also putting something on the website about membership, the application, and the fee.
A couple of ideas figuring out a way to find out how many years some members have attended.
Huge Kudos to Chris for all of her work. Really. She really is a goddess.

National Connection: Lisa

Dawn suggested inviting Mary Spilde and Alice Jacobsen to come and talk with us about forging a relationship with nationals as opposed to forging a relationship with Region X. We would like to create a relationship with the national organization. Lisa Tomlin is now the connection to the database for the national membership. Every national chapter has to maintain 10 members. Dawn suggested that we have a national article in the newsletter every time. If anyone hears of someone going to NILD, please let Lisa know. Leslie said that PCC sends one person every year. Jan to work on NILD list.

Process for Archives: Jan

Jan suggested these items for archival: conference brochures, minutes, award winners, newsletter, board agenda, board minutes, financial statements, election results. Also, look at who has attended NILD and honoring them as well as how to honor long-time members. Jan to call Miriam about getting an OILD attendee list. Jan is looking for old copies of minutes. Shell check with Ann about old board agendas, minutes, conference programs, etc. If anyone has copies of these, please bring them to the next meeting. Denise will bring old financial statements. Leslie suggested that Jan save everything in HTML so that it can be read by anything and send to Angela for the web page.

Other: Various topics.

Assignment List: