AAWCC Board Meeting Notes
November 13, 2002

Greenwood InnBeaverton Oregon

Present: Chris German, Abbey Lee, Shirley Anderson, Angela McMahon, Ann Smart, Linda Reisser, Julie Huckestein, Lisa Tomlin, Dawn DeWolf, Denise Martin, Anne Key Jan Woodcock.

Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed. The group requested the minutes be sent to Alice Jacobson, and Mary Spilde for review and input. There was a motion to accept the minutes pending their review.

Treasurer's Report: Denise provided the board with an update on the budget.

Nomination: Lisa discussed the open position. The group decided to have write-in candidates for open positions without nominations. Presently VP for Professional Development is open. The group discussed that the fall 2003 conference planning needs to begin now. Many board members agreed to help.

OILD: Angela stepped forward to help with logistics. Jan Woodcock also volunteered to help. Shirley suggested that since the Past President doesn't have a lot of responsibility except Race for the Cure, that she would be able to be the liaison between OILD and the board. Lisa reiterated that it would be good to have a permanent board member what was a liaison with OILD. Lisa suggested that with OILD there could be presenters with responsibilities and then the organizers. Lisa also said that she would like to work on recruitment for OILD. The group discussed that there needs to be a board member for summer conference and a board member for OILD. Lisa suggested that once the advisory committee meeting is formal this "pilot structure" be implemented. Dawn asked that Jan, Lisa, and Shirley get together to begin OILD planning.

Membership: Chris presented to the group that we have 330 members. During the January meeting, the group will make decisions about how to recognize members.

Newsletter: Abbey discussed pros and cons about having an electronic newsletter. She asked the board to decide the purpose of the newsletter and what form is best. Ann Smart suggested we email all members and ask them which kind of newsletter they prefer. Abbey will add all college presidents and College Board members to the newsletter mailing list. Lisa said that AAWCC national said that if we send them our newsletter electronically they would report on our activities.

Website: Angela said our website is great bare bones, but a little thin. Angela asked us to send her anything of interest- published articles, etc, to put up. Abbey suggested that we think of the site as a resource for campus groups. Maybe posting ideas for fundraiser and activities would be helpful. Abbey also suggested that the AAWCC site look like the OCCA site with links or sites for individual AAWCC groups.

Summer Conference: Lisa said that Linda Moore couldn't do anything after OILD this next year. She said that when we do a function, we should work closely with the host school. Julie needs to know if the board has an idea for a theme for summer conference. Shirley suggested doing something with coping skills and how to thrive. Dawn suggested something about the grieving and loss with so many people retiring. Lisa said that honoring emotions would be a good topic.

Fall Conference: Ann Smart reported 146 paid participants so far. K Falls, RCC, Mt Hood, and Clatsop are not sending any participants. Julie suggested that we have supplies at registration desk as well as a list of contact numbers. Lisa said that that in the past, the Greenwood made signs for each room and listed the breakout sessions. Abbey will take care of signage. We discussed that we forgot t-shirt sales.

Board Retreat: The group decided to have a board retreat, put together a work plan and plan for OILD and summer conference. The retreat will be Feb. 8 and 9, with people coming the evening of the 7th.

To Do: