Notes from AAWCC Board Meeting
September 12, 2003
Linn-Benton Community College

Dawn DeWolf commenced the meeting at approximately 10:00 a.m. at Linn-Benton Community College, Alsea Room.

Attendance: Dawn DeWolf (President), Denise Martin (VP Finance), Chris German (VP Membership), Diane Watson (VP Professional Development), Julie Huckestein (VP Summer Conference), Denise Swafford (Board Member-at-Large/Secretary), Ann Smart (Board Member-at-Large/Conference Registration), Jan Woodcock (Board Member-at-Large/Archivist), and Angela McMahon (Ex-Officio) attended. Shirley Anderson (Past-President), Lisa Tomlin (President-Elect), and Abby Lee (VP Communications) were absent.

Sharing - Informal discussion/check-in and reviewed agenda.

1. Minutes – Denise Swafford distributed minutes of the July Board meeting. Some corrections and additions were suggested as follows:

* Correct header on page 2 through end of document.
* Remove names of potential board candidates from the minutes.
* “are” (page 1) should be changed to “our”
* “and” electronic copy (page 6); should be changed to “an” electric copy.

Dawn Dewolf then called for a motion to approve the July 8, 2003 Board meeting minutes. Julie Huckestein moved, seconded by Chris German that the AAWCC Board approve the July 8, 2003 Board meeting minutes, as amended. The motion was carried 8 to 0.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Martin distributed the AAWCC Financial Statement dated June 30, 2003 showing an ending fund balance of $14,647.73. Other than a few minor adjustments, there was nothing extraordinary to report.

Julie Huckestein moved, seconded by Ann Smart that the AAWCC Board approve the June 30, 2003 Financial Statement. The motion was carried 8 to 0.

3. Conference Update – Diane Watson provided five handouts for discussion: 1) Cover page for conference materials designed by Denise Martin’s son; 2) 2003 Fall Conference, Greenwood Inn, Beaverton, Oregon, Conference-At-A-Glance; 3) sample post cards re event; 4) Update on list of “things to do” before conference time; 5) workshops guide.

Conference Cover Page: The Board was pleased with the outstanding conference cover page designed by Denise’s son. Diane suggested and the Board unanimously approved a $50.00 gift certificate to compensate him for his time on the project.

Conference-At-A-Glance: The Board meeting time on November 12 was changed from 12:00 noon – 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and a Welcome Reception from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. was added for that evening in the Grand Suite.

It was suggested that no more than two (2) volunteers would be needed to cover the registration desk with possible back-ups for breakout sessions.

Dawn Dewolf will host the 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. OILD/NILD Reception on Thursday, November 13. In addition to the quilting session being hosted by Angela McMahon from 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Jan Woodcock suggested that Board members bring board games for others to enjoy who may not be interested in quilting.

On Friday, November 14, Julie Huckestein will host the 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Campus Contacts Breakfast Meeting.

The luncheon at 11:45 – 12:30 p.m. on Friday, November 14 will be changed to the “Annual Luncheon and Business Meeting.” Lisa Tomlin is responsible for election results and door prizes. Chris German will handle this for Lisa if she is unable to do so because of her new job. Chris was also reminded to order plaques.

Post Cards: Angela suggested the word “registration” be deleted from the Website address listed. It was further advised that the “Oregon Chapter of AAWCC” be added to the post card. Post cards will be mailed by the end of September preceded by the fall newsletter and regular E-mail reminders on or about October 15 and October 30. The E-mail message should invite members to “bring a friend” to the conference. Diane will prepare the E-mail messages and forward them to Julie Huckestein for distribution. Chris will provide Diane with mailing labels for the post cards. The conference registration deadline is October 28, and the fee is $150.00.

Update on List of Things to Do:

* Angela will look into possible new book vendor.

* Dawn will send president’s luncheon invitation to Denise Swafford, who will copy the letter on AAWCC letterhead (to be provided by Angela) and mail it to all community college presidents.

* Swafford will also send a reminder to presidents’ assistants regarding the November 13 lunch date.

* Jackie Grenz (Linn-Benton) will prepare registration badges.

* November 6 – Packets will be assembled at Linn-Benton. Any materials for the packets should be provided by no later than November 1. Linn-Benton will make copies if received before the November 1 deadline; otherwise, 165 copies of the materials should be provided.

* Chris will coordinate awards, nominations and scholarships in place of Lisa if she is unable to participate due to her new job.

* Nominations deadline (October 18) needs to be added to the fall newsletter. Chris will contact Abby Lee regarding this addition.

* Chris will also coordinate volunteers in Lisa’s place if necessary. Once it is known for certain about Lisa’s position, Angela should change Website contact from Lisa to Chris for volunteers.

* Denise Martin suggested closing the auction at 10:10 a.m. Winners could then pay for their items at lunchtime. She will prepare forms with name, phone number, etc.

* By-law changes will need to be added to the nomination form. Nomination forms will need to be provided to Linn-Benton by no later than November 1 for packets.

* By-law changes should also be noted on the Website.

* Presidents’ offices will once again be asked to contribute auction items and basket donations for raffle. Denise Martin is coordinating this.

* A thank you card and membership pin will be sent to all presidents who attend the luncheon. (All presenters and presidents should be provided with complimentary lunch on November 13).

* Angela suggested that Diane arrange for a few vegetarian meals.

* Diane will E-mail a final draft of “Conference At-a-Glance” to the Board for review as soon as she makes some revisions to that.

* Angela will contact Shirley for suggestions on another location for next year’s fall conference. She will provide an update via E-mail for consideration. The Board will need to decide whether or not a subcommittee will be needed to research another location.

4. Board Nominations: Julie Huckestein and Jan Woodcock discussed the Board’s recommendation that they consider running for President and President-Elect. They agreed that Julie will commit to President and Jan to President-Elect. Dawn would serve as Past President and potential nominees for the other positions were also discussed.

VP Summer Retreat could be a Board appointment since Julie would have served in that role for another year if she were not moving to president position. Angela will run for VP Communication or Membership if Abby and/or Chris decide not to run. Martin’s and Swafford’s positions will continue for another year. The need will be for Member-at-Large – Archivist (which would be vacated by Jan Woodcock and could also be a Board appointment); Member-at-Large – Registration, and VP Annual Conference.

Nominations for these positions should be forwarded to Chris German instead of Lisa Tomlin.

5. Newsletter – A few last minute changes were discussed, including deadlines and contact information. Chris will contact Abby to make sure corrections are made before the newsletter goes out.

6. Membership – Chris reported membership at 264 with E-mail contacts for 100% of the members. She noted that 196 of those memberships would expire on December 31. The fall conference should help lighten the expiration list. If those members do not make it to the conference, a friendly note (“sorry, we missed you”) should be mailed about their expiring memberships.

Chris will provide membership brochures for the registration table; and, Dawn will bring a couple of boxes of T-shirts that can be sold for $10 each at the conference. The new membership pins will also be sold for $5.00 each.

7. OILD – Dawn DeWolf will follow-up with Lisa on her suggestions for new leadership. Jan and Angela are willing to assist with OILD, if needed.

The Board needs to seek someone to fill-in for Mary Spilde as a presenter for the next OILD. Angela is working with Shirley Anderson on the communications plan suggested at the July Board meeting.

Jan again suggested that the college presidents be asked to provide ideas for topics to be covered at OILD and elsewhere through AAWCC.

Information on OILD should be provided in the fall conference packets. Dawn will work with Miriam on providing an up-to-date brochure. If this is done before the November 1 deadline, the brochure could be forwarded to Jackie Grenz ( for copying.

8. Web Page – Angela did not have anything new to report. She will post photographs from Race for the Cure as soon as they are available. The photographs should be sent to webmaster@aawccoregon.

9. Summer Retreat – Julie will provide a report on the last retreat to Abby for the fall newsletter. A handout should be prepared for the fall conference packets discussing the upcoming summer retreat dates and any other details that can be coordinated before the deadline to submit conference packet information (November 1). Julie and Chris will work on this and provide the information to Jackie Grenz.

10. Executive Council – Due to Dawn’s new job responsibilities and other priorities in preparation for the fall conference, recruiting and formulating the AAWCC Executive (Advisory) Council will be placed on hold until some time after the conference.

11. Race for the Cure – The Race for the Cure is set for September 14 in Portland. Julie Huckestein plans to participate and will provide photographs for the Website.

12. Other – Ann distributed and discussed a list of NILD participants from Oregon over the past 20+ years. The information will be posted on the AAWCC Website and will also be provided as a handout for the fall conference packets. Dawn DeWolf will work with Miriam on obtaining a list of OILD participants also for the packets.

The National AAWCC’s 30th Anniversary is coming up. Dawn will confirm the year with Mary Spilde. She suggested that the Board consider a poster or banner for the occasion that says, “Happy 30th Birthday National!” A birthday cake at the social, along with a 5-10 minute presentation regarding the history of the organization may also be appropriate.

Next Meeting – The next meeting AAWCC Board meeting is set for Thursday, November 12, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Greenwood Inn. Diane will secure a room for the meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m.