AAWCC Board Meeting
November 12, 2003

Dawn DeWolf commenced the meeting at approximately 12:00 noon at Greenwood Inn, Beaverton, Oregon.

Attendance: Dawn DeWolf (President), Denise Martin (VP Finance), Chris German (VP Membership), Diane Watson (VP Professional Development), Julie Huckestein (VP Summer Conference), Denise Swafford (Board Member-at-Large/Secretary), Ann Smart (Board Member-at-Large/Conference Registration), Jan Woodcock (Board Member-at-Large/Archivist), Angela McMahon (Ex-Officio), and Shirley Anderson (Past-President) attended. Lisa Tomlin (President-Elect), and Abby Lee (VP Communications) were absent.

Sharing - Informal discussion/check-in and reviewed agenda.

1. Minutes – Denise Swafford distributed minutes of the September 12 Board meeting. Some corrections and additions were made since the minutes were e-mailed on October 14, including the e-mail address for Jackie Grenz and spelling of her name, as well as renumbering of items 1-4/4 to 1-5 on page 1 under “Conference Update” and a spacing problem on page 4.

Shirley Anderson moved, seconded by Jan Woodcock that the AAWCC Board approve the September 12, 2003 Board meeting minutes, as amended. The motion was carried 9 to 0.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Martin distributed the AAWCC-Oregon Chapter Financial Statement dated November 12, 2003 showing an ending fund balance of $29,947.23. After conference expenses, the projected net balance is approximately $20,399.86. Some scholarships for the conference have been paid and a $405 deposit for the 2005 OILD conference was also reflected.

Chris German moved, seconded by Shirley Anderson that the AAWCC Board approve the November 12, 2003 Financial Statement. The motion was carried 9 to 0.

A handout covering the Fall Conference 2003 anticipated budget titled, “Budget Update” was also distributed and discussed showing an estimated net profit of approximately $2,359.

3. Membership – Chris German reported the AAWCC-Oregon Chapter is 340 members strong. She indicated there would be a number of membership expirations in December 2003, but unsure of the total. She will follow-up.

4. Conference Report - Board spent the majority of this meeting reviewing Fall Conference 2003 logistics. Diane Watson discussed some minor schedule changes and board members worked out handling of the silent auction, raffle, door prizes, presidents luncheon/awards, announcements, and free time.

There had been a miscommunication regarding meeting start-time, so members who arrived early had already completed assembling conference packets.

Julie Huckestein was asked to lead the local chapter campus contacts meeting, She distributed a handout listing the contacts 2004/05 and discussed her meeting plan.

5. Board Nominations – The Board needed to make some appointments to fill positions on the Board in 2004 created by Lisa Tomlin’s resignation.

1. Ann Smart moved, seconded by Jan Woodcock that the AAWCC Board appoint Julie Huckestein to the position of President for the AAWCC-Oregon Chapter 2004. The motion was carried 9 to 0.

2. Shirley Anderson moved, seconded by Diane Watson, that the AAWCC Board appoint Angela McMahon to the position of Vice President, Fall Conference for the AAWCC-Oregon Chapter 2004. The motion was carried 9 to 0.

3. It was determined that the Board would have to recruit/appoint a Web-master to take over for Angela in 2004, so she can carry out her new duties more effectively.

4. The Board will also need to recruit/appoint a member to take over Julie Huckestein’s responsibilities as Vice President, Summer Conference for 2004. Dawn and Julie will interview potential candidates from Linn-Benton and Clackamas as recommended.

Chris German volunteered to assist with the OILD, Summer and Fall Conferences, as needed, in a non-Board capacity for 2004.

Diane Watson volunteered to continue to assist the Board as needed with regard to the Advisory Council discussed at previous meetings.

6. OILD – A meeting was scheduled for Thursday night, November 13 at 6:00 p.m. to discuss the turnover in OILD leadership, including a new director and liaison.

7. Newsletter – Margaret Bradford, Rogue Community College is running for Vice President Communications – Board members will encourage her to work on getting more input from all of the colleges for the newsletter.

8. Summer Retreat – See Board nominations (No. 5 above). Once VP, Summer Conference is appointed, Dawn and Julie will assist in bringing them up-to-speed on preparations for a summer conference 2004.

9. Race for the Cure – The Race for the Cure occurred on September 14 in Portland.
Twenty participants were expected, but only 8 participated. Dawn DeWolf will coordinate this activity next year. Julie Huckestein participated this year and will provide photographs for the Website.

10. Other – Dawn reminded the Board to consider next year the National AAWCC’s 30th Anniversary is coming up and part of Fall Conference planning should include some “Happy 30th Birthday National!” celebration – such as a birthday cake at the social, along with a 5-10 minute presentation regarding the history of the organization, which may also be appropriate.

At the Board’s next meeting, discussions should begin regarding history of the organization and some assignments regarding whom to interview for this.

Next Meeting – The Board will meet for a debriefing of the Fall Conference 2003, with new members at 1:30 p.m., Friday, November 14 in the Cascade Room, Greenwood Inn, Beaverton. A transitional board meeting was scheduled at that time for Tuesday, January 27 (details to follow via E-mail). /1

Julie Huckestein suggested the majority of future Board meetings be scheduled at Lane Community College to accommodate members from southern Oregon this year.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:30 p.m.