AAWCC Board Meeting
March 12, 2004

Members Present: Simone Hughes, Lorna O’Guinn, Kristen Jones, Mary Louise Doran, Angela McMahon, Dawn DeWolf, Jan Woodcock, Margaret Bradford, Denise Martin, Julie Huckestein.

Members Absent: Denise Swafford

Treasurer’s report: Denise presented the proposed budget for the year. The OILD budget will be adjusted to represent a $15.00 pin item. Denise suggested we increase scholarships for fall conference to $1200.00, for OILD to $1500.00. Angela stated that the budget for the conference is based on 140 registrations where in the past it has been a lower number. Kristen reported that the budget for the summer conference is based upon 22 registrations at $65.00.

Motion: Jan moved that the budget be accepted as amended to include an increase in the fall conference scholarships of $1200.00, an increase of scholarships in OILD to $1500.00 and to increase the registrations for OILD pins to $15.00 each. Angela seconded the motion. The motion passed.

AAWCC Pins: Simone agreed to manage sales and distribution of pins and coordinate pins to local chapters to sell. The Board allows chapters to charge more than our cost of $5.00. Simone was asked to keep careful documentation so we don’t lose track of who the count at each college.

Newsletter update: Margaret reported that we have received information on the summer retreat, the fall conference, the CC leadership Excellence Awards, membership, and college connections information from some colleges. Julie will send the president’s update on Monday. Needed is biographical information about new members. Margaret asked new members to send photos. Jan suggested Margaret review photos from last year’s conference for pictures for the newsletter.

OILD Update: Jan and Angela gave the group an update on the plan for OILD. Several presidents are scheduled to attend. Linda Moore, Cam Preus Braly will be attending. Jan invited the board to suggest presenters or panel members. Leader’s reception will be held on Tuesday night. The group agreed that a person may pay their way if there is room available. The dates of OILD will be changed in 2005 to mid July.

Summer Retreat: Kristen reported the summer conference will be held 7/22/04 at the Driftwood Inn in Florence. The charge will be $65.00. The presenters will be Jan Woodcock and Lind Reisser. The topic will be Conscience Communication. Jan will recruit a classified person to also be a presenter. The board asked Kristen to include room rates from other hotels on the website.

Board Retreat: The board agreed to hold a retreat August 26th, 2004 on the coast. Dawn will look into possible locations. Agenda will be established at a later date.

Conference Update: Angela and Lorna updated the board. Lorna reported on the planning committee. The committee is recommending two conference tracks. One will be mind, body, spirit, and the other will be career and professional development. Lorna shared notes from the conference planning committees showing what sessions are planned, what types of topics are needed. Lorna and the committee were complimented on the work accomplished so far.

The issued of reduced rate for retirees was discussed. The conference committee will determine an amount.

Motion: Margaret moved and Denise seconded the motion to establish a conference rate for retirees. Motion passed.

The group discussed responses from a participant about how to encourage participation from woman of color. Lorna said the planning committee will ask more woman of color to be presenters.

Angela shared information about possible keynote speakers. She also shared information about possible entertainers.

Julie shared she visited the Sheraton Hotel and it seemed to be very nice and updated. The rates will be under $90.00 a night.

Membership Update: Simone shared that the membership information is so well organized that she didn’t feel there are any problems. She just needs to learn it and understand it.

Archivist: Role and function of the archivist will be discussed at the next meeting.

Minutes: Minutes were presented and amended.

Motion: Angela moved the minutes be approved as amended. Lorna seconded. The motion was approved.

Advisory Council. The group discussed it’s purpose and intent. The topic will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

Capturing the herstory of the chapter will be moved to the agenda for the next meeting.

Vicki Willis- Values of Discussion –cost- moved to the next agenda

Meeting adjourned.