OCTOBER 22, 2004

Attendance: Margaret Bradford (Vice-President, Communications), Dawn DeWolf (Past President), Mary Louise Doran (Member-at-Large, Archivist),Cheryl Goyer (Webmaster), Julie Huckestein (President), Kristen Jones (Vice-President, Summer Retreat), Angela McMahon (Vice-President, Fall Conference), Lorna O’Guinn (Member-at-Large, Conference Registration), Denise Swafford (Secretary) and Jan Woodcock (President-Elect); Absent: Simone Hughes (Vice-President, Membership) and Denise Martin (Vice-President, Finance)

1. 2004 Fall Conference - Angela reviewed and discussed “2004 Conference To Do List,” including registration, volunteers, publicity, music, evaluations, auction and door prizes, program at-a-glance, bookstore, presidents’ meeting, awards, scholarships, elections, introductions/announcements, material for packets, and suggestions regarding a comprehensive Oregon-AAWCC history presentation to coincide with conference theme.

2. Newsletter - Margaret reported no printed versions of the fall newsletter had been provided and wondered if it was missed? It was suggested campus contacts print copies of the electronic newsletter for their college president and Board in the future. Contacts should be asked to forward copies of notes for newsletter to Webmaster; or, VP, Communications should routinely forward information to Webmaster.

3. Personal Communication Effort - Julie asked board members to personally calling campus contacts with reminder of conference dates and location, invitation to all women at their college, Excellence and DesJardins nominations, door prizes and silent auction donations, and Friday campus contact breakfast. She suggested also asking about the college’s local chapter and identify of president or chair and offering to answer any questions contact may have.

Assignments: Lorna - BMCC and Clackamas; Julie - CCWD and Chemeketa; Kristen – LBCC, OCCA, and SWOCC; Margaret - UCC and Rogue; Mary Louise - COCC and Clatsop; Denise S. - Klamath and PCC; Cheryl -MHCC; Treasure Valley; Denise M.--Tillamook Bay; Dawn – CGCC, Lane and Oregon Coast

4. OILD – Need to start search for help with logistics. Work begins in January. Jan will talk to Gretchen, Nan, Mary, Rita about ideas and try to recruit diverse group of women to help.

5. By-law Changes – Some minor revisions were discussed at the August Board retreat. Board will do further work on this and present the proposed revisions at next year’s conference.

6. 2004/05 Meetings – Julie will establish January meeting date. In January, the Board will set future meetings in March, May, July (at OILD) and September.

7. Goals for the Future – The Board brainstormed ideas for involving conference participants in an activity to help set AAWCC goals for the future. Question(s) could be, for example, 1) How can Oregon-AAWCC help local chapters, 2) what can AAWCC offer or do related to professional development, 3) leadership development; or, 4) personally. The mission statement should be included in the presentation. Denise S. will provide proposal via e-mail regarding the activity based on these notes.

Another activity should include paper for writing about personal life events that fit into the AAWCC history presentation Jan and Mary Louise are working on.

8. Cameras - Cheryl and Jan will decide how to work with women who bring digital cameras to the conference. An announcement will be made for anyone interested in taking photographs to bring cameras to the Thursday evening aloha reception.

9. Other Things to Do

Angela found surplus t-shirts and Julie will arrange for distribution/sale.

Use personal communication contacts (see No 3 above) for communicating distribution of Spring newsletter.

Julie will talk to Simone about membership certificates for packets.

Cheryl will add policy about refunds to the email confirmation re registration.

10. Ideas for Future Conferences

How do we create more and better connections for women with each other at the conferences?

Next year, need to share information with other colleges in Region X. In the past Oregon worked with Region X and others but it didn’t work out.

Julie suggested a future handout idea: Include list of all OILD participants; perhaps alphabetically, not necessarily by year.

Dated: November 17, 2004