AAWCC Board Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2005

Members Present: Simone Hughes, Lorna O’Guinn, Kristen Jones, Mary Louise Doran, Angela McMahon, Dawn DeWolf, Jan Woodcock, Denise Swafford, Denise Martin, Julie Huckestein.

Members Absent: Margaret Bradford, Cheryl Goyer, Janet Lodge

  1. Transfer of Duties – former Board members shared information about their duties with the person taking their place on the Board.
  2. Jane Merritt sent a card and $100 check to the AAWCC Board and left it up to the Board to decide what to use it for. Jan Woodcock and Dawn DeWolf will meet and come back to the Board with ideas for how to use the donation.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Martin gave the report which indicated there is currently $19,127.48 in the treasury. There was a discussion about the Fall Conference budget. Some registration fees still need to be collected. Denise and Lorna O’Guinn will work to reconcile discrepancies from the Fall Conference. Denise Swafford moved, seconded by Jan Woodcock that the AAWCC Oregon Board approve the AAWCC-Oregon Financial Statement dated 12-31-04. The motion was approved 10 to 0. Board members were reminded they need to send Janet Lodge proposed budgets for the Summer Conference, Fall Conference and OILD.
  4. March 12, 2004, November 17, 2004 and November 19, 2004 Meeting Minutes – Some corrections to Board members’ names were needed in the March 12, 2004 minutes. Kristen Jones will send the revisions to Cheryl Goyer so a corrected version is posted on the website. Dawn DeWolf moved, seconded by Denise Swafford that the AAWCC Board approve the minutes of the March 12, November 17 and November 19 meetings. The motion was approved 10 to 0. It was noted a short summary of the business meeting that took place at the Fall Conference needs to be included in the spring newsletter.
  5. 2004 Fall Conference Report – Angela McMahon shared a summary of feedback from participants. Overall feedback was extremely positive. The food was rated low but Angela has already met with hotel staff to talk about ways to improve the food for 2005. It is not yet know if the conference budget broke even, or if it made money, as it is likely there are still registration fees outstanding. Angela moved, seconded by Dawn DeWolf that Julie Huckestein write a letter of appreciation to Ann Baumgardt to recognize her efforts in chairing the Program Committee and to Shannon McGaha to thank her for overseeing evaluations. The motion was approved 10 to 0.
  6. 2005 Fall Conference – The Board selected “Every Contribution Makes a Difference” as the theme. Ann Baumgardt has agreed to chair the Program Committee again. It was decided to open the Conference with a slide show of pictures and music from past conferences, like we did for the 2004 Conference. Angela McMahon moved, seconded by Loran O’Guinn to reduce conference registration fees paid by community college retirees by $50. The motion passed 10 to 0.
  7. OILD – The dates for OILD are June 25 – 28. The Leaders reception will take place Tuesday, July 26 and Board members are encouraged to attend. Jan Woodcock agreed to design an activity that would get participants interacting with Board members.
  8. Website – As Cheryl Goyer was absent, the discussion was brief. It was noted the website needs to be updated so that Janet Lodge’s name replaces Denise Martin’s on scholarship information, etc. In addition, it was suggested that we develop an on-line Tool Kit for Campus Contacts that would include links to membership applications, information about National AAWCC, etc.
  9. Spring Newsletter – It was noted that the spring newsletter will ideally be out by the first or second week of spring term. Margaret Bradford needs to contact Board members with items she wants submitted and the dates they are due.
  10. Results of planning at Fall Conference – the results of the half sheets people completed at the Conference have been tabulated. Denise Swafford will send the results to Julie Huckestein and there will be a discussion about the information at a future meeting.
  11. Campus Contacts – The Board decided to begin sending minutes to Campus Contacts, in addition to Board members. Kristen Jones will make sure Campus Contacts are on her list when she distributes minutes.
  12. Membership Report – Simone Hughes reported there are currently 138 active members. In addition, there are 132 people whose memberships expired in December. Simone and Julie Huckestein will send an email to those people encouraging them to renew their memberships.
  13. Summer Conference – The date for the Summer Conference will be June 23 and will be held somewhere on the coast. Denise Swafford mentioned a professor she knows who may be able to do a presentation on Emotional Intelligence.
  14. Election Results – At the November 18, 2004 business meeting, Denise Swafford was elected as VP of Summer Conference, Janet Lodge as VP of Finance, Angela McMahon as VP of Annual Conference and Kristen Jones as Secretary.
  15. Subcommittees – Several subcommittees were formed to do some work before the next Board meeting.

    Archiving Plan – Jan Woodcock, Mary Louse Doran, Cheryl Goyer, Shannon McGaha. Mary Louise will convene.

    Carolyn DesJardens Award Criteria – Julie Huckestein, Dawn DeWolf, Jan Woodcock. Julie will convene.

    Refund Policy for Conferences – Lorna O’Guinn, Angela McMahon, Janet Lodge. Lorna will convene.

    Board Travel Reimbursement – Board Executive Committee. Julie will convene.

    Fall Conference Planning Responsibilities/Pay for Presenters – Angela McMahon, Lorna O’Guinn, Simone Hughes. Lorna will convene.

    Long-term Planning – Julie Huckestein, Dawn DeWolf, Jan Woodcock, Lorna O’Guinn, Simone Hughes. Julie will convene.

    Campus Contacts Plan – Denise Swafford, Jan Woodcock, Julie Huckestein. Julie will convene.

    By-laws Revision – Dawn DeWolf, Julie Huckestein, Jan Woodcock, Kristen Jones. Julie will convene.

  16. Next Meeting – The next Board meeting will be Friday, April 22 at Portland Community College. Future Topic – Membership Directory.