AAWCC Board Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2005

Members Present: Margaret Bradford, Cheryl Goyer , Kristen Jones, Mary Louise Doran, Angela McMahon, Jan Woodcock, Denise Swafford, Janet Lodge.

Members Absent: Simone Hughes, Lorna O’Guinn, Julie Huckestein, Dawn DeWolf

1. Minutes from the January 28, 2005 Board meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report – There was no report available. Janet will work with Julie to develop a revised report to be shared with the Board and will send a budget out via email for approval. Janet’s preference is that Board members in charge of OILD, Fall Conference, Summer Retreat, and possibly membership, deposit checks at a local branch office instead of sending them to her. Janet will develop a form that Board members should complete and mail to her after making a deposit.

3. Summer Retreat – Denise reported there are already 4 paid registrations and that she has been in communication with several other interested women. Denise mailed a letter and registration forms to the Campus Contacts and will continue to send out reminder emails to Campus Contacts and members. There was discussion about whether enough Board members would be able to attend a Board retreat following the Summer Retreat to make it worthwhile. It was suggested that Julie poll Board members via email and make that decision.

4. OILD Report – Mary Spilde, Rita Cavin and SWOCC’s new President, Judith Hanson, have confirmed their attendance. Gretchen Schuette and Nan Poppe are not available.

5. 2004 Conference Registration – Angela and Lorna worked to reconcile payments for the Conference and were able to recover $1,800 in checks that were never received, as well as collect $1,695 in late payments. The final balance for the Conference will be included in the budget Janet sends via email.

6. 2005 Conference – There was a discussion about the date of the conference and its conflict with President’s Council. It is difficult to insure all the Presidents attend part of the conference without scheduling it during the Council meeting and creating a conflict for those Presidents who want to attend the entire conference. It was suggested that we have conversations with Nan, Rita, Mary and Gretchen about possible solutions. Denise will make sure the date of the Conference is on the President’s Council Chair’s calendar.

The Conference committee will issue an invoice as soon as people register as a reminder that payment is due, in an effort to avoid late payments.

Angela asked for input from the Board about selection of keynote speakers and performers. Nan Poppe will be the Thursday morning keynote, Thursday lunch keynoter will be Debbie Wooton, Friday morning keynoter will be Stacey Robertson and Absolute will be the post-lunch performance. In addition, it was decided that the Thursday night activity will be a Mystery Dinner and tickets for this will be sold for $25.

7. Membership Report – Simone sent the report via email as she was not able to be present at the meeting. Her email indicates we currently have 146 active members and 126 people with expired memberships.

8. Notifying members of non AAWCC events – Angela requested the Board consider if it is appropriate to use the AAWCC membership list to share information about upcoming events women may be interested in. It was the general feeling of those present that this was not appropriate, but it was decided that we would discuss it again with the full Board. Margaret felt strongly that the Board should not begin selling ads in the newsletter for this purpose.

9. Subcommittee Reports

Archiving – Did not meet

Carolyn DesJardins Award Criteria – Board approved the draft submitted by the committee

Excellence Award Criteria – Board approved the draft submitted by the committee.

Conference Refund Policy – More work needs to be done on this policy. There was a discussion about needing to be more consistent in charging the $25 fee. It was also pointed out that when we refund the full amount we are giving back the membership fee and these women should lose their membership for the year. It was suggested the policy include directions for submitting a refund request to the VP of Finance by a stated date.

Fall Conference Planning Responsibilities – The committee presented two proposals and it was suggested there be further discussion about them at a future Board meeting.

Discount for Fall Conference Presenters – The committee proposed each breakout session be given a check for a $25 honorarium. The Board approved this.

Board Travel Reimbursement – Board approved the draft submitted by the committee.

Long Term Planning – Moved to agenda for next Board meeting..

Campus Contacts – It was suggested College Presidents’ Administrative Assistants be included in the communication loop so Presidents will know what is going on in AAWCC and can support staff who wish to be involved.

Change to By-laws – Moved to agenda for next Board meeting.

10. Next meeting – July 1, 2005 Driftwood Shores Conference Room 9:30 – 2:00