AAWCC Board Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2005
Driftwood Shores Conference Center
Florence, Oregon

Present:  Denise Swafford, Jan Woodcock, Janet Lodge, Julie Huckestein, Lorna O’Guinn, Simone Hughes, Cheryl Goyer, Kristen Jones, Dawn DeWolf, Angela McMahon

Absent: Margaret Bradford, Mary Louise Doran

  1. Approval of Minutes from April 22, 2005 – Cheryl moved, Jan second
  2. 2005 Proposed Budget – Janet passed out proposed budget for 2005. She changed the way scholarships are documented in the budget by indicating revenue from each event budget so there is enough income to prevent showing a negative.  Fall Conference Scholarship revenue budget needs to be increased from $900 to $990. Lorna moved, Dawn second. Budget for 2005 approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Balance of the checking account is $13,657. Dawn moved, Cheryl second.  Report approved. Janet raised the question about why our budget follows a calendar year, instead of a fiscal year. After a discussion about pros and cons, it was decided it makes sense to make the change.  Jan moved, Denise second.  Motion approved - financial reporting will now be July 1 to June 30, beginning 2005.
  4. Summer Retreat Update – Very successful, close to 80 participants.  Only one no-show, very positive feedback from participants about the presenter and location.  It was suggested that we look for a new venue on the coast next year.  There were problems with equipment not working, lack of attention to water, coffee, set-up and temperature of the room.
  5. Membership – Simone reported there are162 active members and 120 expired members.

After a discussion about whether people should have to pay a membership fee as part of their registration fee if their membership is current, a motion was made by Dawn to change the by-laws to indicate we will no longer charge for memberships.  If the by-laws are approved at the Fall conference, people will become a member by attending an event or by submitting a membership application. The length of the membership will remain the same – a minimum of 12 months and will terminate at the end of the calendar year in which the member has had 12 full months of membership. Angela second.  Motion approved.  Once by-laws are approved this will take effect January 1, 2006.

  1. OILD Report – Will occur July 25-28 at Silver Falls.  Jan Woodcock will be presenting on personal power, Carol Schaafsma will present on workplace styles and reframing, Cam Pres-Prauly and Julie Suchanek will be providing a legislative update, Judith Hanson, new President at SWOCC, will talk about her leadership path and will spend the night, and Kate Dins will also be a presenter. Packets have been sent to participants including an encouragement to issue a press release about being selected to attend.
  2. Fall Conference Update – Angela passed out list of workshop proposals.  Board members suggested additional topics such as Appreciative Inquiry, Reframing and Leading when you’re not in charge.  Ann Baumgardt is doing a great job of coordinating the Program Committee.  Murder Mystery tickets will be sold for $35.  Julie suggested the cost for just the dinner be indicated on the registration from in case colleges will pay for the dinner but not the entertainment. Some feedback indicates there is some discomfort with some of the titles the bookstore sells at the conference.  Angela will have a conversation with the bookstore staff about the feedback to make them aware of the concerns. 
  3. Julie made a motion to donate $100 to Tillamook Bay Mediation Services in memory of Artis VanRassel in recognition of her contributions to AAWCC and her time on the Board.  Denise second.  Approved.  Board also decided to dedicate the Fall Conference to Artis.
  4. Newsletter Update – Board asks Margaret to send a list of items needed for the Fall newsletter and a timeline for these items.
  5. Policy of notifying members of non-AAWCC events – Board decided it would be too complicated to determine what was appropriate to post and agreed to not allow this.
  6. Conference refund policy – it was determined the current policy is working well.  Lorna and Angela will make a strong effort to communicate with people when they register but do not pay by sending an invoice.
  7. Archiving Plan – tabled to next meeting
  8. Fall Conference Planning Responsibilities – As an alternative to the proposal made at the April 22 Board meeting for making the At Large Conference Registration be a three-year term, the suggestion was made that a two-year position be added to the Board called VP Conference Elect.  The person in this position  would work on logistics the first year and move to VP Conference the second year.  This conversation was tabled until the next meeting.
  9. Next meeting is scheduled tentatively for September 30 at Lane.  Julie will check with other Board members and confirm via email.  Agenda items include Archiving Plan, Fall Conference Planning Responsibilities and By-law