AAWCC Board Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2006

Present:  Jan Woodcock, Janet Lodge, Julie Huckestein, Carol Schaafsma, Kristen Jones, Margaret Bradford, Shannan McGaha, Ann Baumgardt, Jackie Bryson

Minutes - Shannan moved, Janet seconded to approve minutes from the August 21, 2006 Board meeting as written

Financial Report – Janet Lodge
Money Market balance:  $17,575.73
Checking balance:  $13, 538.53

Update on registration  - Ann Baumgardt
Several announcements have already gone out; additional promotional announcements will go out every other week
37 people have registered so far, 6 paid

Items needed for registration packets – List from Angela, 9-29-06

  1. Conference Folders (to put everything in) (ANN)
  2. Name Tags, Ribbons for everyone including, registrants, workshop presenters, & keynote speakers(ANN)
  3. Portland Booklet from Pltd. Visitors Assn. (ANN)
  4. Portland Walking Maps & Bookmarks from Powells (ANN)
  5. Map of The Sheraton Hotel (ANN) in conference program
  6. Sheraton Stuff Maybe (notepads/pens) (ANN)
  7. List of Registrants (ANN)
  8. Dear "AAWCC Sisters" Welcome Letter. In 2004, Julie did a very nice welcome letter on AAWCC letterhead. I think that was a nice touch for the packet. I'll bring a copy to the Board meeting. (JAN)
  9. Conference Program (ANGELA)
  10. Flyer for the Conference Bookstore (KRISTEN) Add to highlight sheet
  11. List of Book Recommendations from Presenters & Keynote Speakers (BECKY)
  12. 2006 AAWCC Election Ballot (CAROL)
  13. 2006 Background Info. for AAWCC Board Elections (CAROL)
  14. Fall Conference Evaluation Forms (SHANNAN)
  15. Leader's Reception Promo (hosted by OILD) (JULIE) Add to highlight sheet
  16. OILD Brochure for 2007 (DENISE)
  17. NILD Brochure, Bookmarks, Promo Items (JULIE)
  18. AAWCC National Brochure (JULIE)
  19. Silent Auction Announcement (JULIE H.) Add to highlight sheet
  20. 2007 Summer Retreat 1/2 Sheet Announcement. In prior year's packets, we just included a "Save the Date" announcement. Do again this year IF we have date for next Summer? (DENISE) Add to “Save the Date” flyer
  21. Sales Flyer for AAWCC pins, t-shirts, tote bags (ANN) Add to highlight sheet
  22. 2007 Race of the Cure Flyer (JULIE) Add to “Save the Date” sheet
  23. Back to the Future Thurs nite event Announcement (JACKIE) Add to highlight sheet
  24. Grants Available for Local Chapters (This piece was in the 2004 packet) Do we want to include this year? (ANN)
  25. Statement re photography (let us know if you don’t want us to take or use a photo of you)(ANGELA)
  26. Bylaw changes to be voted upon? None
  27. Handout from Donna Beegle (ANGELA)

Items for Highlight Sheet (Shannan)

Items for “Save the Date” Sheet (Shannan)

Suggestion - NILD has statement on their registration page asking people to agree to their refund policy.  Julie will email the statement to Ann who will determine if we want to add it for this year, or wait until next year.

Person has requested that she be able to attend just Donna Beegle’s session free; she can’t afford to attend the whole conference.  Board agreed Ann should tell person that we have to pay the speaker, suggest that she apply for a scholarship or volunteer at the registration counter for two hours in exchange for being able to attend Donna’s talk for free

To Do List Update – Angela via Carol
Shannan will be volunteer coordinator

Keynote introducers:
Donna – Angela will ask Nan Poppe
Tana – Kristen
Gensis – Victoria Flagg or other Mt. Hood rep – Jackie will find someone

Contact with OCCA re. President’s meeting – Julie will find out if Denise has contacted, if not Julie will make contact to verify that food has been ordered, etc.

Tote bags – Jan will order, will have AAWCC logo on one side, blank on the other, will order 200, and will sell for about $15

Margaret needs information about Genesis for newsletter, as well as blurb on Jacquee

Suggestion was made to provide packets to those arrive on Wednesday evening at the Welcome Reception – Jackie and Kristen offered to hand them out.  Early arrivals can officially register and pick up nametags the next morning.  Margaret will add this information to newsletter conference at a glance

Breakout sessions – Walking session each day were added, Angela needs to talk with Becky as some sessions were added that are not on Angela’s list.  Jan wants to see the information before it goes to press.

Will break even with 150 attendees

Conference Program
Margaret needs all information for program by Oct. 30.

Policy on selling stuff:
Chapters can sell stuff to fundraise for chapters.  There will be as special table in lobby for this; each Chapter responsible for monitoring, selling their own stuff.  Carol will invite chapters to do so and we’ll add this information to the newsletter.

Presenters (breakout or keynote) can sell their materials related to their presentations (books, CDs) but no other goods.

Members who aren’t presenting can’t sell.

Social - Julie
It was decided that the social activities would be scheduled from 7-10--with music, games etc. in one room and Bunco starting at 8:00 in the adjacent room.  Julie, Margaret, Shannan and Denise will finish planning the event.


Membership – Shannan
Will need to buy more certificates
Will attach certificates to nametags for conference attendees
Mildred has agreed to sign certificates at the conference – 2 times before lunch and at OILD/NILD reception – Jan will communicate with Mildred, Carol will communicate with Angela

Archiving – Jackie
Julie has Race for the Cure pictures and will take pictures at OILD this year
Siv Serene, Shannan, Margaret, and Jackie will take pictures at the Fall Conference
Jackie will bring OILD posters, at the OILD/NILD reception will ask someone who attended OILD in 2003 to do the poster for that year

Awards – Carol
Blue Mountain has selected their excellence award recipient
No Carol DesJardins nominees yet

Nominations – Carol
VP Summer Conference – Susan Wolff, Julie Kremers
Secretary – Joyce Coleman
VP Finance – Shari Maas
VP Fall Conference – possibly Ann
Webmaster (appointed position) – possibly Ann
Under pres-Jan and past-president Julie:

Past-President – Julie
Julie gave Angela and Ann the list of Washington College National members she received from Dawn DeWolff (Region X representative).  Ann sent the conference e-mail to everyone on that list and also sent the e-mail to the national president.  Julie has asked Dawn to get National supplies for the conference. 

Jan reported that we had difficulty scheduling OILD this year.  The only dates Silver Falls had available were July 3-6th.  The group discussed the impact the holiday may have on attendees this year.  It was decided we would go ahead and hold OILD as scheduled and hope that we would get at least 15 participants.  It was also suggested something special be scheduled on July 4th for participants. 

Next meeting on November 15th at the Sheraton.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.